Apartments in Portland

Where to Rent the Best Apartments in Portland

Portland is located in the state of Oregon, US, being one of the largest cities in the area. The city is known as a powerful economical center and also a nice place to visit, as it offers great entertainment choices, for everyone. There are great historic and cultural places to find here, and also many artsy spots to visit. Many people are relocating here annually, being drawn to Portland for several reasons. However, most of the persons who move here are young and just starting off, so they prefer renting rather than buying. Finding the finest Portland apartments for rent is easy if you find the right location. Since the neighborhoods are always split into good ones and bad ones, you should be well informed when you decide to rent in Portland.


Portland is a green city, and many of the neighborhoods are good to live in, but only some of them are the top areas, preferred by luxury apartment owners. Such a neighborhood is the Downtown Portland, a place where the urban life is at its peak. There are many luxury condos here and also great apartment complexes which offers a high standard of life and comfortable places. Plus, you have the chance to live nearby the greatest boutiques and shops, and to find the most delicious food at the restaurants nearby. All the amenities are close and easy to reach, and this makes Downtown Portland so desirable.

Another good neighborhood to check if you are looking for a fine apartment in Portland is the Hollywood area. Here you will find the famous Hollywood Theater, which is the most important media connection in the area. You will have quite an experience here, in Hollywood Portland, as the life is always vivid and busy. Apartment complexes here are modern and comfortable and they practice reasonable prices for luxury condos. Plus, there are many shops, stores and theaters worth to be visited. Entertainment is at its peak here!

If you are looking for a neighborhood where you can find art galleries, important business and upscale apartments, then Pearl District is totally for you. Here you will love the luxury apartments and fine condos, which offer comfortable conditions and many entertainment choices just steps away! Plus, business owners are at home here. For art lovers, Pearl District is also perfect, as there are many art galleries to be found here. Plus, many great restaurants are to be found just outside your block, making Pearl District one of the best dining places in the city.

Therefore, in order to find the best luxury apartments in Portland, you must really check out the finest neighborhoods first. Choosing a great area that has a lot to offer is the perfect choice in case you are looking for a fine apartment.