Areas That Are the Best to Rent in Portland

Areas That Are the Best to Rent in Portland

Portland is a large city in the state of Oregon, being very popular as an economical center and as a leisure spot. Many young people choose to relocate here because there are great opportunities for pleasure and entertainment and also for finding a good job. However, the rent is preferred to buying because it is less expensive. Those who look for the finest Portland apartments for rent should consider choosing a good area first. The neighborhood is vital when making such decisions, as it has a high influence on your lifestyle.

The first neighborhood worth looking into is Mississippi. This area is located in the north of the city, being a residential and industrial area, perfect for blue-collar workers. Many young entrepreneurs, singles and artists choose to live here, as the apartments for rent are easy to be found. Many luxury condos and comfortable apartment complexes offer rent at reasonable prices for the new residents in the area. You will benefit here from boutiques, hip restaurants and bars, all steps away from any location.

The second neighborhood to check out if you are looking for a fine apartment in Portland is Nob Hill, found in the Northwest of Portland. This district has narrow streets and many restored Craftsman and Victorian houses, but you can also find hip condos and modern apartments and lofts. Here, the life is vivid and busy, as there are many salons, boutiques, cafes and bars to check out. The people living here are often renters, young people, couples and singles, all making this neighborhood one of a kind. The pricing of rent here is more expensive than in Mississippi neighborhood, but the proximity to all amnesties and the high quality of life make the price worth it.

You should also consider Alberta-Concordia as a good neighborhood, as it has been recently renovated and became quite popular among Portland residents. Luxury apartments, stylish condos and modern lofts are to be found here, the place being perfect for young couples, new families and culture lovers. The traffic is quite busy in this area, but the streets are also alive, with many people taking strolls and walking dogs. This is a true vivid neighborhood, which also offers great boutiques, bars and cafes for the locals.

The last but not least choice for you among the top neighborhoods in Portland is the Downtown. This area is very popular; it is close to everything you need or want. This is the true urban center of the city, and the rent can be easily found here. There are many luxury apartments and chic condos, perfect for singles, pedestrians, couples, renters, etc. The outdoor atmosphere is pretty amazing here, but the restaurants and bars are worth looking into as well. Plus, the parks and public places are places where residents often love to relax and enjoy the nature.